> saybutt

Say Butt

by A.J. May 🔗
Says 'butts' every 10 minutes
curl -L saybutt.com/butt | sh


by Joe Lodato 🔗
Says 'I am a dummy' every 5 minutes
curl -L saybutt.com/dummy | sh


by A.J. May 🔗
Fart on demand with cURL
curl -L saybutt.com/fart | sh

Pasteboard Pooper

by A.J. May 🔗
Copies 'poop' into the clipboard every 5 seconds
curl -L saybutt.com/pbpoop | sh


by Chris O'Donnell 🔗
Opens rick roll youtube video every 10 minutes
curl -L saybutt.com/rickroll | sh